Is there a way to remove ";Images Entry Page" from the top of every photo page?


Hello, I am a new user to your software and find that it works great and i would really love to use it for the final version of my site. However i have been having a few problems and would really appreciate feed back.

I dont understand why it is there or if i am doing something wrong. also, all the pictures people upload come with the title of the image, is there a way to delete that or make it so where it displays the right title in the feed or none at all?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate everything you guys do for buddypress.


By default it takes the name of the image as title, currently if you want to remove the title all together, you can simply hide it from the activity stream via CSS by using this line in the CSS file:

#activity-stream .bp_media_title {  


Like i said i am a bit new and am still experiencing the problem, please let me know if i did something wrong and i will fix the problem.

I went into the plugin file and under css/bp_media_style.css i added the line you mentioned at the bottom of the page (using copy and paste) and re uploaded the plugin.

and… no luck =( if you could please help me better understand and solve this problem i would really really appreciate it.

Thank you,
Joe Bell.


The problem is that the sentence is outside the div, so it dont disapear, you must disable the h3 but this is not a good idea…