Is there a EasyEngine with NextJS (aka Next.js/nextjs/next.js/nextJS) or some other headless CMS?


Wanted to know if there is a headless CMS with EasyEngine like NextJS?

If not , then how to implement it? and when will EasyEngine come with NextJS or another headless CMS?


I doubt that’s within the scope of EE. There are a ton of free headless CMSs out there like Contentful, Strapi, Prismic, etc. why not try those?


I have a EE Wordpress website with content and plugins already and I want it to be with nextjs.
I know that nodejs is slow on concurrent users unlike nginx (open resty to be exact) which can take even more than 10,000 users per second.

So it will be great that EE will make such platform with EE5 or something. Or at least make a guide on how to do it our selfs.

Hello @helenakohan

Are you still interessted in a working solition?

Actually it’s pretty simple to run ANY custom docker container (could be your NextJS Application) with EE!

You simply need to create a simple HTML site (maybe with LetsEncrypt SSL enabled?) and override the default NGINX docker image with any custom docker application.

I’m running multiple VueJS and Dupal containers like this and it’s working fine.

Are you interessted in the detailed steps?
I could create a simple guide.

Hi Swiss:

Sure, if you could do a step by step guide than it will be great for the entire community and for the growth of EasyEngine.

Didn’t exactly understood what you wrote in the comment but the solution that probably needs to happen is that we can create sites regularly with EE create site command:
sudo ee site create
(The EE create command has the https and letsencrypt and custom ssl certificates to be put like cloudflare’s already in it).

After that EE Create command we should make the NEXTJS related build commands.

There should be a solution for blank project with NEXTJS and Worpress Based on NEXTJS projects.


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