Is Nginx Helper needed with easy engine

I am confused about Nginx Helper. I am using easy engine, so do I also need Nginx Helper? What are the benefits of using the two together? Does it conflict with other caching plugins like W3TC?

My Stack

Web Server - Easy Engine on Digital Ocean VPS: 4GB Ram60GB SSD Disk Ubuntu 14.04

Remote Data Base Server - Digital Ocean VPS standard LEMP Stack Install: 4GB Ram60GB SSD Disk Ubuntu 14.04

Caching Plugin WP Rocket

I saw W3TC recommended on here, does it play nice with easy engine?

Scrap WP Rocket.

Scrap all WordPress caching plugins actually.

Go for Nginx Fast-CGI cache, with REDIS, HHVM and Google Pagespeed Module.

Far surpasses anything else.

Thanks mat,

That sounds like a sweet setup. Do you have a demo site I can look at it with that stack running?


Yep you need nginx helper to purge fastcgi cache, you will see in plugin settings events to purge fastcgi cache.

Yep W3TC is there for object cache.

Can you purge fastcgi from command line?


yep :slight_smile:

ee clean command

To get a better understanding: I am using nginX + fast CGI. Compared to W3TC is this assumption corretc?

Page Cache --> no, because of Fast CGI
Minify --> would use Autoptimize plugin
Database Cache --> no, because of nginx
Object Cache --> ?do I need it if I use Google CDN??
Browser Cache --> ? not sure, how to achieve this
CDN --> no, would use Google CDN

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