Is mariadb installed by default with EE?

Will this command ee site create --wpredis create a site with php7 and mariadb by defualt? I assume yes about the PHP7 from the FAQ stating the latest PHP is installed. I wasn’t sure about mariadb being installed by default after reading various information under docs and tutorials.


Thank you!

Will it use php7 by default? I thought you had to use the --php7 command.

php7 was not installed by default and I needed to update using the --php7 switch. I assumed that it would install php7 by default from the FAQs indicating that the latest version of php is installed. I think a lot of the docs need to be updated. This was on a Debian 8 instance - I cannot speak for Ubuntu.

Thats what I thought. PHP7 is available but EE uses 5.6 by default. Check all your plugins after upgrading. Some may not play well with PHP7. I have not had an issue with anything so far but deffinatly worth checking. You can use --php7=off to go back to 5.6.