Is Let’s Encrypt with EasyEngine Auto-renewal or do we need to manually renew it?

I have successfully installed Let’s Encrypt with EasyEngine on AWS EC2 by following the tutorial here:

As the current certificate says, it will expire on 26 February 2017, but will it be auto-renewed before it or do I have to renew it manually?

If it’s manual? Is there any development going on to make it auto renewal here at EasyEngine community?

Kindly enlighten me

That tutorial is actually a bit deprecated since EE now does all of that automatically in this updated tutorial:

However if you followed the steps in your originally linked tutorial and edited the crontab file to auto-renew, you’ll be fine. You can check this by issuing the command:

crontab -l

to view your crontab (that’s lowercase L and not number 1). If that command doesn’t show any entries, it means your certificate(s) it will not auto-renew. In that case:

Type crontab -e to open your crontab file in your default editor, and add the followng line:

0 0 1 * * ee site update --le=renew --all 2> /dev/null

Save the crontab file and exit the editor. The above command would check your LE certificates every month on the 1st and renew for all necessary EE sites. Alternatively, you can add:

@monthly ee site update --le=renew --all 2> /dev/null

which is the same command with an easier syntax. You can then type crontab -l to view your crontab to ensure what you just added is actually there.

You can of course also run the command:

ee site update --le=renew --all

to manually check/renew your EE sites right away, or:

ee site update --letsencrypt=renew

for an individual website (replacing with your own website).


Thank you so much for writing a detailed and precise response.

2 hours back, I discvered this link :

and then used this code to add crone job to already installed ssl certificate:

ee site update --letsencrypt

and it worked.

I will check it again with the crone job commands that you have written above.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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