Is it wise for a someone without much server knowledge to use EE?

Hi, i installed EE on a linode VPS and it is working great. In fact it is much faster then any premium hosting i have ever used so far and i have used prob. over 60 different hosting providers over time.

My website now loads in under 300ms when i test with pingdom from sweden (server is in frankfurt germany). Before it was around 1 second on a very decent webhoster.

I just wonder if anyone has advice for security. I really have no clue. Is there something as autoupdater i can use or do i check by hand from time to time?

I found Is this recommended or should i be ok if i just leave it as it is. I dont host anything fancy just affiliate websites that have a few thousand visitors per day.

Any other advice?

I looked at the link that you passed inside the tool that he uses I always use UFW, fail2ban

Disable the root and mute connection port to ssh

in the case of ufw i use ufw limit ssh

every now and then I see the server log and of course every admin has its paronoic side in safety

You can use cloudflare has cool things for your safety.

and keep your wp always up to date and be happy :slight_smile: