Is it possible to output more info with the nginx-helper plugin?

Currently it looks like:


How about also showing how fast the cached result was delivered to the visitor?

Check out:

and have a look at the page source, its using redis as a cache and shows:


Its more important to have timestamp. Because if its changing between two requests then that means page is not cached.

I am also interested in Redis. We are using it in some other non-wordpress projects. Most likely we will be adding redis support in nginx-helper in future.

I just found about redis last night and it looks crazy cool. That would be awesome if you added support to the nginx-helper. I’m curious how well it works with WordPress and hope to try and install redis and get it running soon.

Yep. Redis is on the list from long time.

We will do it someday when we will get free time or a sponsor! :slight_smile: