Is it necessary to add --cache flag while creating wordpress website?

If I don’t use --cache flag while creating website, can I still enable caching on my website using any wordpress caching plugins (for example: litespeed cache)?

If you use the --cache flag then the install will add Redis caching and you will not need to add another plugin such as litespeed cache. If you wish to use a different plugin, I would NOT use the --cache flag at all.

Note that when you add caching plugins from the plugin repo on Wordpress make sure to follow all setup instructions. Many are setup to work with Apache and can work with Nginx, but require you to manually add commands to Nginx configurations. I would look for a specific caching plugin that is name to work with Nginx if you wanted to add one at a later time.

I do this all the time when I setup a new site to build out. Caching can create confusion when you make site changes and quickly want to see those changes. Building a site with no caching makes this part of the process a bit smoother and adding a caching plugin later is easy.

One last note, if you use one of the popular page builders, beware that some of them have started to add built-in caching for CSS and JS. I find that I have to disable those at build time and mostly never turn them back on. But the first time I came across this it took me an hour of searching google to even realize there was such a function in my builder.

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