Is it a Pagelines problem?

I have just loaded rtMedia and when in a profile, “Media” is clicked on, it just throws you straight out of your profile. It does not display the ‘Albums’, ‘Photos’, ‘Videos’, ‘Music’ as sub headings beneath. There is no where to setup galleries and other than in the activity stream, the uploaded photo cannot be found. If “Media” is clicked on from the drop down menu on the right, it just throws you out into the same page as when the “Media” is clicked on from within a profile.

I cannot get rid of the BuddyPress theme ‘Add Photos’, ‘Add Videos’, ‘Add Links’ button either. My site calls for the sharing of links - does rtMedia cater for this?

Hello @SBBDSM,

Have you tried rtMedia with a default WordPress theme on your website? There might be a conflict between plugins installed on your site. Please refer to our basic troubleshooting guide.

Could you elaborate on this? From what I understand, you would like to disable Media uploads, and only allow links.

Our Activity URL Preview and Upload by URL addons, might be useful in your scenario.

Do let me know if you require any further assistance!


Joel Abreo