Is HHVM going to be depreciated?

is HHVM going to be depreciated??

please say it isn’t so?! :’(

Sorry to say it is true.

Did you check PHP7?

PHP7 is delivering good results and do not have compatibility issues like HHVM.

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Really? It’ll be a big loss, there is still a significant performance difference between HHVM and PHP7!

We will be adding package support in EE v4. May be you and others can build a package and keep using it.

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Actually, some blogs of mine only work with HHVM, not with PHP7. That’s due to lack of some functions and packages not available to the latter.

I’ll try to identify the problem in deep detail and file an issue at GitHub.

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i think HHVM is better essentially in repo mode… this is something that php7 will not be able to compete with - having said that, the repo mode itself is a little difficult to get around sometimes.

i don’t know, nearly ALL my sites use hhvm, i guess i will have to transition the sites to php7 only.

its strange though, i’d rather remove anything pre-php7 from the system completely, but i think the admin tools :22222 stuff etc - they all use php5. (i think)

@all please do not rush. HHVM, unlike PageSpeed, has no maintenance overhead for core team.

So we may not drop it until EEv4. And with EEv4, creating a EE package for HHVM should be easy. Atleast that is goal. :slight_smile:

But EE v4 core will be very small.

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Is there a post explaning the changes coming in EEv4 and how the packages will work? Thanks @rahul286

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thank you @rahul286 this has relaxed me a little