Is "Configure SFTP on EE4 server" needs an update?

I have followed this article Configure SFTP on EE4 server for my brand new EE4 setup, yet cannot login, getting an access denied error message, I am connecting through the port 2222.
Can anybody please let me know what have I missed?

I followed the article exactly as written. I had the same issue and realized that I had forgotten to open the proper ports on the main firewall. Did you make sure that is not the cause?

Otherwise it must be an issue in the user.conf file.

Hello, after some tinkering around, I found that I cannot use www-data user in user.conf file, so I used other usernames with the same user_id:group_id of www-data, and it worked.

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Glad you figured it out and thanks for marking this as resolved so anyone else searching finds the answer.

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