Is Clouflare compatible with Wordpress built with EE & Let's Encrypt?

My setup: Ubuntu 16.04, Linode, EasyEngine, Let’s Encrypt.

Using cloudflare with this setup any good? I am looking for speed improvements, Time to First Byte (TTFB) to be specific. A couple of sites I checked using have an insanely good TTFB (0.011s), and their nameservers were pointing to Cloudflare (not sure if they are using their FREE or PAID plan).

So how compatible would Cloudflare be with my current setup? Any thoughts on this?

I kinda disregard this article btw:

Yes you can use Cloudflare with Let’s Encrypt without problem, and to reduce loading time, use HSTS to reduce SSL handshake time

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Hi virtubox,

Thank you very much for your reply. I tried your solution and everything works great.

When I changed the Linode datacenter to Newark, the TTFB has been unbelievably good: 0.007.

But when I updated my site to Let’sEncypt SSL using EE, and setup cloudflare using HSTS, the TTFB is 0.022. Thought its still great, SSLed URL certainly causes a delay. Any comments?

Yes that’s why you have to use HSTS, because you will have a SSL handshake only the first time, after it will be cache by the browser instead of having it each time

Yes, using HSTS improves the time to first byte… but it never equals http version of the same url. As i said, I am getting 0.007 with HTTP, which I have seen nowhere…

Btw, you are a hosting provider? Great! I checked your site and your plans. Glad to know that you guys provide all these as a packaged service, and actively helping people in forums as well…


You’re welcome. I have used easyengine to setup hundred of servers and it doesn’t cost me anything, so providing some support here is the minimum I can do.

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