Is caching really working on V4?



I think caching may not be working on V4. When I create a site with caching enabled (ee site create --type=wp --ssl=le --cache) and I run GTmetrix I get a certain result (see attachment)

When I delete the site and create a new one without the --cache flag the results in GTmetrix are totally the same. I would expect a (significant) difference. When I look at phpconfig() for the site without the cache-flag it states that Redis support is enabled. Isn’t that strange too?

Greetings Marc


The Redis caching is working, or your page wouldn’t be loading in 331ms.

What you’re missing out on is browser caching, which you can find solutions for here

I personally use Cloudflare and go to caching setting and set to at least a month. Other guys have other methods.

But do also click on your “Leverage Browser Caching” recommendation in the GTMetrix results there and see what the items are that are not getting cached.

If it’s things on your own domain, then your browser caching settings will fix that. If offsite services like Youtube, Facebook etc you mostly can’t fix it.

Youtube has some plugins that will make it only load the js when vid is played, Elementor does that too. Clearfy and a few other plugins will let you host your Google Analytics files locally. Facebook, I am not sure if there is a solution for.

But you do what you can and don’t worry about the rest.


Yes it is working perfectly