Iptables and not die trying

Hi, everyone.

Recently we are having like a lot invalid logging attempts, we are not sure how to stop this, but Goole said that is super normal and we need to improve our password strength and have a good security plugin.

But, because of this, we decide to be more careful with the security (No Say!).

So we start playing with Firewall and IPTables and we got all wrong, hahaha. We block ourselves from the ssh because we forgot to add SSH port (we use 22222). We couldn’t access MySQL and a bunch of funny rookie stuff.

So because EE is our basic component in every new project, we would like (beg) to ask for help, What is the recommended configuration for Iptables?

thank you

Hello Locke, on debian or ubuntu, UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) is probably the easiest way to configure properly iptables.

My tutorial : https://kb.virtubox.net/knowledgebase/ufw-iptables-firewall-configuration-made-easier/

Thank you @virtubox , We use Ubuntu!