Iphone an android problem


Hi I can’t upload any file from my iphone on safari.

When I click the upload button nothing happens.

But on chrome still with the iphone it works

Now for the android device. When I click on it (in chrome) a lightbox appears but it doesn’t allow me to access the phone library.

Could you please help me?


Hello @Olivier_Brodeur,

Can you give us more details about the software versions of iOS and Safari that you are using? Also, which generation of iPhone.

Can you make sure that Chrome has permissions to access your media library? I just testing this on my end and it works as expected.

Waiting on your reply!


Joel Abreo


Hi thanks for the quick reply.

My iPhone is an IPhone 5S running IOS 10.2

When I want to create a new update with a media and I select the rtmedia icon to import a new media it work.

But when I comment an activity and want to add a media to it. I click the icon but nothing happens. (on safari)

Also on android in the Facebook web browser, both case scenario doesn’t work. (New update and comment an update)

And on the Iphone (still with Facebook web Browser) commenting doesn’t work


Hi @Olivier_Brodeur,

We are testing this at our end. Will get back to you soon with the results.

Can you clarify this? rtMedia supports all major browsers, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Can you share any screenshots and/or errors that come up?

Waiting on your reply!


Joel Abreo


Thanks it would be very appreciate if you could come up with a solution pretty quick because I need this feature for the launch of the website and a lot of people are waiting.

When I say the Facebook browser I mean when you open a link from the Facebook application, it opens it in a Facebook type of browser.

Try it. Post on Facebook an link to a buddypress page where you can post an comment update then click on the link (on mobile) it will open it in their browser. Then, if you try to post an update from android it wont work and try to comment an update it won’t work either on IOS than on android.


Hello @Olivier_Brodeur,

Regarding media upload in activity comment:

We are able to regenerate this issue at our end and will look into it. I have passed your query to the team and hopefully, it will be fixed.

Regarding Facebook web browser issue:

We followed your instructions but still not able to reproduce this issue at our end. Could you please share any screenshot or video from which we can check if we are missing something?



Do you have any updates?

Here is a screenshot of the Facebook web browser. When you are in it and try to post an update and comment an update on both android and iphone and tell me what happens.


Hello @Olivier_Brodeur,

Yes, we posted a BuddyPress activity link (of our demo website) to Facebook (using the Facebook app) and opened it within the same browser window as mentioned by you. We posted an image to activity there successfully without any issue from android as well as IOS devices.

Here is the screenshot:

It is working fine for us.



Did you try it on android?

And the major problem is not that, it’s that I can’t comment on Safari and I really need this.

Do you have any update?


Hey do you have updates?


Hello @Olivier_Brodeur,

Did you try it on android?

Yes, we posted an image to activity successfully from android as well as IOS devices.

Do you have any update?

The Issue of uploading media to comments has been regenerated at our end. You can track this issue here - https://github.com/rtMediaWP/rtMedia/issues/846 It may take some time.