Invisible upload and delete button in Explorer

Its working fine in Firefox and Chrome, but in Internet Explorer the upload and delete button is not there. They actually are there, but they cant be seen. Its like they are missing a color. They are white like the background. How can I make them visible?

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The attached screenshot is not clearly visible and which theme you are using?

I am using BuddyBoss Theme. I cant change theme. BuddyBoss is the only theme that works with my setup. It has been working before. Try create a test profile at, and use Internet Explorer. Then click on “Media”. Then you will be able to see what I mean.

Apologies for the late reply. Looks like FontAwesome is also loaded by another plugin - ProDesign , on your site.

Could you check by deactivating ProDesign and let us know if that resolves the issue?

Hi Ritesh, I can shortly deactivate prodesign, but my whole frontpage is build with prodesign. Can you fix it, if it is prodesign that are causing it. Maybe do something in the code. I can give you super admin privileges. Its wierd its only in Internet Explorer.

Hi Ritesh.

I have de-activated prodesign, but it did not have any effect. But the buttons are there in Internet Explorer. They are just invisible. Try point your mouse up there where the buttons should be, and use Internet Explorer. Then you can find the buttons and click on them. They work fine. But they have same color as the background, so you cant see them. Very wierd. I have giving you super admin privileges, so now you can access my dashboard. Will you try take a look again.

I checked our demo site on the same browser and it’s working fine. It looks like your theme is causing the issue or may be some plugin was conflicting with FontAwesome rendering. Can you check it by activating WordPress default theme and let us know if that works fine or not. In the mean time we are also debugging the issue and let you know if we found something.

Thank for the help Ritesh. But is it not possible to somewhere in the code to change the color of the “Create New Album” and “Upload Media” buttons. They are there in Internet Explorer, but they have same color as the white background. Could it work if I change the color?

And will you keep in touch with me if you find a solution to the problem.

I checked, it doesn’t have issue with color. Problem is FontAwesome doesn’t get rendered and we are looking into it. Can you check by activating WordPress default theme that whether it works in default theme or not, just for testing purpose and yes of course will notify you as we found the solution.