Intermittent broken link on Media tab

Hi, I keep getting a broken link (error 404) on the Media tab in my BuddyPress Groups. Re-saving the permalink structure fixes this, but it keeps happening and my users are complaining that the service isn’t good enough.

Please could you fix whatever bug is making this happen, as I shouldn’t have to check the Media tab constantly to see whether I need to re-save my permalink structure. It needs to just work and is not reliable at the moment.

Thank you very much

Hi Katie,
It may be other plugin conflict. Can you check it with other plugins disabled?

Hi, I have tried it with everything disabled and it still doesn’t work. The only thing that fixes the 404 error is to re-save the permalinks.



We will cross check and reproduce that issue on our development site, and hopefully will find some workaround on it.

Hi, is there any news on the below? I am still getting the same intermittent error and having to re-save the permalinks, and it’s really unfair on my client. Thank you very much

Hi Katie,

Once you save permalinks no need to save it again unless it changed. Looks like one of the plugins or theme is playing with permalinks in your site. Generally this type of issue get resolved by saving permalinks once only but in your case, it’s really strange that you need to save permalinks periodically.

Same problem. Click on Media tab goes to 404 ERROR page.

Hi Wain,

Try re-saving permalink, it might solve your issue.

Yes, the point I keep making is that it is not acceptable to expect people to keep re-saving their permalinks because of a bug with the plugin! Please fix this as I have used this plugin for a client and feel completely unprofessional advising them to re-save their permalinks whenever their customers report that it has stopped working again. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!

Thank you very much

Hi @katie,

I am sure it is some plugin conflict or theme issue, I don’t know but it is definitely not rtMedia bug that you have to repeatedly re-save your permalinks. There are so many users who use rtMedia plugin and only few of them face this issue because of either plugin conflict or because of theme issue. Once, you have saved permalinks rtMedia will works completely fine unless some other piece of code creates conflicts.

I hope you are getting my point.