Integration with Monit

My mysql server is crashing couple times every day. I was really bored about restarting manually. My clients is warning me for database error. Currently I am using Monit for handling this issue. I think easyengine must have integration with Monit.

For example;

ee stack install --monit-mysql

About mysql crushing it usually means you server is running out of RAM. Let me guess the logs said something about the OOM killer being invoked by one of your processes (usually naughty mysqld/php-fpm). If that is the case in addition to just installing Monit to restart mysql (which usually has a bad score and so almost always gets killed all the time) it might be a good idea to upgrade your machine. The brutal killings of mysql might corrupt your database one of these days if you are not careful

As @Garikai_Dzoma said, the issue is because you are running out of ram, I would suggest try tuning your MySQL configuration with mysqltuner and see if there is any improvement in RAM consumption.