Installing other PHP scripts like IPBoard

I have a server with a lot of resources for a small WP website, what I need to do now is to install a forum board there and I don’t really want to use bbpress because I have IPBoard and would like to have both solutions sepparate so is it possible to have WP and IPBoard in the same server?

Thanks in advance!

Theoretically, yes. Just create your site with ee site create --mysql.

This is your start point. Next step will be adjusting rewrite rules for your script, which I can’t help you with, but perhaps someone else might offer some direction.

Thanks! But is it possible to install it as a subdirectory of my main WP install?

Thanks again for your help!

It’s surely possible.

But you still have to deal with Nginx rewrite rules yourself.

I went with your first recommendation (create new site) and used the --mysql but I thought it would give me the db details, but it didn’t.

So this option creates a new db in the same server, but how do I see the db username, password?

Thanks again and sorry to bother :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s has been a while since I created a --mysql site, but I’m positive EE shows database credentials at the end of creation process.

However, you always can get your database info with ee site info If this approach fails you also can cat /var/www/ :slight_smile: