Installing Buddypress Media


I am having trouble with my install of Buddypress Media. I used to use Buddypress Album but dropped the tables from my database and removed the plugin folder just so that I could have a fresh install of Buddypress Media.

The problem that I have is that when I activate the plugin, I check the various places in Buddypress that I would expect to find the facilities to upload images but there is nothing.

The only plugins that I am using are buddypress and buddypress media.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I could try please?


Have a look in the attached image and you’ll see where to upload the media files. This is a common uploader for images, audio and video files.

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Yeah I have already tried looking there

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Can you please tell us the version of buddypress and wordpress you are using?

Wordpress 3.3.2

Buddypress 1.5.5

BuddyPress Media is supported by the BuddyPress versions greater than 1.5.5. Please update your BuddyPress(current version is 1.6.1) and after that you’ll get the upload page you’re looking for :slight_smile:
Also current version of Wordpress is 3.4.2, please update that as well otherwise it might leave some security issues on your site

updated both buddypress and wordpress and now works.



gagan. where do you see that page you dispalyed have bp 1.6.1 and have no clue how to play media or upload for the buddy press media ?

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Hi , @jargonize , please explain your first question and about your second question…Have a look on attached image…when you are on your profile page just go to media tab and you’ll see the upload , image , audio and video tabs . You can see & play all the media uploaded

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