Installed but almost blank settings page


Hi, i am running a site with Wordpress 3.4.1 and Buddypress 1.5.7. I installed your Plugin but its not really working on my site(i think). I Just see a new Menu under Buddypress in wp-admin called "MediaBP". When i click this menu there are two options: "Re-Count Media Entries" and "Remove Linkback", thats it. Is that everything or is there something i have missed. In the installation instructions it says "install plugin --> Done". Can you help me?

Attached you see a screenshot which shows the settings page.


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You are seeing correct settings.

I guess you are confusing settings in new version you are using with settings from old version. Old version is no longer supported and almost outdated by 2 years.

You will see more settings/options as we go on adding new features in the plugin.


Well I am a “First Time” User, i never knew the “old version”. I am currently looking for a Media Plugin, in which users can create several albums and upload pictures in their albums. I know, it’s probably the wrong place, but can you tell me, is it planned to add this functionality to the plugin?





Based on your description, I guess you have found a right plugin.

Current plugin, which you have installed, already have a feature which allow buddypress users to upload images (much like you do on facebook)

Within a month, a release will come up with “album” support. After that user will be able to group images into “albums”. I guess that will solve your problem then.


Thanks for your answer. That means, that I can install the plugin now, users can upload images and with that update you mentioned, users cann then group their images in “albums”, right?


Correct. :slight_smile:

Also, when “album” feature will come, users will have an option to group previously uploaded images into different albums also.

“Album support” is up in our list. It will be available before this month-end.

You can find more about upcoming features here -


Thanks. That answers all my questions. I appreciate your support. Your plugin will cover all my needs. You can close the thread.


Glad to know that. :slight_smile:

Have a good day!