Install WP using EE on 2 DO droplets - one for WP and one for MySQL

Hi I am helping our non-profit create their web presence. We want to use EE on Digital Ocean. We want to start small, and are veering toward using 2 droplets (one for the app and other for the DB). Assuming that this is a good way to prepare for scaling later (we don’t have any IT folks internally), can you please point me toward a tutorial where I can learn how to use EE to deploy these droplets?

Many thanks.


hello Vy

just a question,

why would you want to keep them apart? i think what you might consider is checking the DO community for some kind of cluster setup,

i use DO with EE myself, works like a charm…

Hi @mahir

We are thinking that this way, we can scale up gracefully, when the loads hit the next level of usage for us. I read in a DO forum/tutorial that this way it is less of a strain to sysadm the infrastructure…


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I did a similar setup on AWS for testing. Granted it was not a droplet, but 3 instances referring to an RDS database.

Basically all you need is to install the database on one droplet and then your EE on another and copy the database config to wp-config.php for var/www/

You do need the IP name of your database and make sure that 3306 (or whatever port you are using) is configured as open in your security group.

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Tks for sharing your experience. Will try it out for our context.

@vyname, you can do that, but I’ll encourage make it from scratch, without EE. Anyway, between 2 droplets, you can use the internal ip 10.x.x.x to connect them.

@perroud sorry, did not get to see your message earlier. Thanks your suggestion.