Install EE without entering email or unattended

I’m not looking to not give RTCamp my email. I’m fine with that. I just need a way to do an unattended install. So I either need to bypass putting the name and email in or have it done automatically. Any suggestions?

I tried the following:

$ wget -qO ee
$ echo "my name\[email protected]" | sudo bash ee

Didn’t work probably because it isn’t bash that is actually asking for name and email.

Look at files




(or just read the shell-update-script unter “~/ee” to learn what easyenigne does. Its also easy :slight_smile:

[email protected] ~ $ cat /etc/ee/ee.conf | egrep -v '^#|^$'
file = /var/log/ee/ee.log
level = debug
to_console = false
rotate = true
max_bytes = 512000
max_files = 7
ip-address =
grant-host = localhost
db-name = False
db-user = False
prefix = False
user = ingo
password = xxxxxxxxx
email = [email protected]
enable_plugin = true
enable_plugin = true

No email address or data sent to us. You can put any fake email. Only problem if EasyEngine finds anything wrong it will alert fake email rather than you. Also your git backup will have git commit email address as this fake email address.

And just like that the rtCamp guys come through.