Install EE on the server with working sites

Hi all, I have some questions, any help appreciated :slight_smile: So, I have a server with 15+ sites on wp and couple sites on other cms. WP sites are working on nginx+phpfpm, other sites - apache+nginx Only today found this interesting project (EE I mean :slight_smile: ) and now I have questions.

  1. May I install EE on the server with working sites? Will sites continue to work? Do I need to expect any troubles?
  2. Will EE affect other sites, working on apache?
  3. I’m using isp manager - will there be any conflicts?

Well… briefly - Is there any reason to instal EE im my case or “do not touch it if it is working”? :slight_smile:

EE is meant to be installed on a clean, fresh server.

I wouldn’t mess with this server with working sites.

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As I thought. Thanks :slight_smile: Will try it bit later on new server then