Install and apply PHP 7.1 on the V4 version?

Hi guys

I have a application and it only run at php 7.1 version.

How may I update my site to use the V4 and the php 7.1 on this site?

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Hey @Leo_Borlot,

Currently only supported versions are php 5.6 and 7.2. However your use case looks valid and i’ve opened an issue for it on github -

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Same issue here, would LOVE to have support for 7.1 (and even 7.0)

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I also need this 7.1 is very important to us!

If you know about docker, you can do it with pulls, a docker with a suitable version of and use
edit file main.conf

upstream php {
        server php_docker_name;

I do not know unfortunately!
Would you have some tutorial link on this?

You can find docker versions here

pulll and run

docker run -p 8080:8080 -td docker_name
docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' docker_name

and edit nginx config

upstream php {
	server IP_container:8080;

however I would like to warn you that it is very bad, It is actually very common when using 502 error. If you need to run another php, use v3

Thank you, I’ll try to do this!

@vouu @fbsena You can do that but you won’t be able to update EE anymore. EE will update, but your changes in main.conf might get overwritten and you might find your site using PHP 7.2 again :frowning_face: (after EE update)

Btw folks we are considering adding support for multiple PHP versions. You can keep track of this feature at

You can subscribe to the issue if you want further updates on it.

I know it but until easyengine some of their website users can’t wait.
I know your way is great but while waiting for them to answer you, what should my website do?
easyengine update I think it will not interfere with the current nginx configuration. or if it updates, we can fully adjust it

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I think the problem of using the external source as my suggestion is absolutely no security issue or anything like that.
What if they don’t answer you and don’t support? I will have to give up easyengine for sure.

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Actually this is very painful especially for beginners like me. I can not say how far this whole work is worth to change PHP configuration. EE is an excellent script for sure, but when it comes to simple things like these it gets hard to work with.