Inspirebook - Top menu - Search icon is not aligned with other icons


It’s a small issue, however I would like to suggest few things:

  • search is searching thru wp-posts, which is Ok, but having an option to “remove/disable” search in menu bar would be great
    … In my case I would use search only for Buddypress posts, groups and members…
    Therefore I prefer having Buddypress search in a widget with dropdown “groups, members, posts”, like it’s done in BP-default theme…
    (Not sure, but I believe there is no such widget available, so this could be good to add to your plugin “rtWidgets” or to have the widget available thru theme)

If a widget will be developed, I would also suggest the widget option to select “groups, members, posts” as default for search in the dropdown…


@Mihail Thank you for suggestion, we will look into it.