Inspirebook - Top menu and side menu suggestions


Most of my suggestions are based on my needs, therefore I believe somebody else could find them useful too,

for example I would like to have a Logo and a site name visible…

  • This could be solved with an option to include “website tagline” in the top menu bar (next to “logo” or “sitename”)

  • logo position option “put logo in vertical left menu above the menu items” option could be very useful for logo position in a combination with above option (This would allow users to use bigger logo)

  • if user is not logged in, login “username” and “password” fields in the top bar…like on facebook…
    (I believe that many of us don’t like the “log in” widget)

  • dropdown when “click” on the profile-name or profile picture in the right corner of the bar…
    the dropdown should then have links “profile, settings, log out, etc”, then the settings icon could be removed and get more space, adding an arrow next to the name could look nice…
    (perfectly would be if I could select the WP-menu location for that dropdown… ex.“Profile corner navigation location”)

  • Clicking on messages, notifications, friend requests, should list X number of each and at the end “show all” link, which would lead to the page, like it does now…
    (facebook style)


Any thought on suggestions?



Thanks Mihail for your suggestion. We are improving InspireBook on a daily basis and also looking into your suggestions.