Inspirebook - search icon bug

The search icon is broken sometimes…

screenshot attached

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Can you please provide more details?

In which browser/device you are facing this issue as we can't reproduce this issue on our end.

windows 8 x64 Chrome, firefox, comodo dragon, opera. In IE is not showing at all.

We checked on Windows 8 x64 - Chrome, Firefox and IE10. This seems to be loading issue, if the browser refresh twice its loading properly.

The icons work normally now on PCs and new generation mobile devices, however they don’t work at all on older phones and tablets (nokia e7 or Prestigio multipad 7"), something similar to "japanese/chinesse letters and in some cases “little squares” appear instead of icons. Unfortunately I am not able to send a screenshot.

This might be solved as already mentioned in the support question about screen resolution, and it could be fixed as “hidden” if older devices detected somehow…