Inspirebook - Profile picture problem


  • Profile photo goes over the “acitivty tab”, when “rtmedia” is enabled

d) Single Group page:

  • same problem as in profile page, the profile photo of the group, goes over the “home” tab, even if the rtMedia is not enabled.

@Mihail Sorry for inconvenience, Can you please give browser, OS (windows/ubuntu/mac) and Site URL info ? so we can check it out on our end

Windows 8 - x64 Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and Comodo dragon browsers.

While playing with the zoom I realized that the profile photo does not resize responsively like other elements

site is local.

Thanks for details, we are looking into issue and update you on this asap.

I've just added some more description to the group and it pushed the profile photo down...

Just add 10 or more lines of description to the group... probably it does the same with profile header

Can you please attach screenshots?

So it will be also good for our developer to identify issue properly .

2 images, one with 1 line description, and one with mnore description

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I checked it on windows 8 - x64 Chrome, Opera, Mozilla. I am not able to reproduce the error on demo site ( I am attaching a screenshot for you reference.

About image resize, its working fine when we try to zoom/resize browser.

Also about group description, this is not an issue. We have made this style for Group and Member header. If you want to stick an image in the top position, then will need to customize it.

It will be good if you host your site on some staging environment so we can debug the issue and fix it.

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I just found out what it was.

It was a conflict with a plugin "FirmaSite Theme Enhancer"

It was strange from the begging that the style was not the same as on your demo site.

I'm so sorry for bothering you, it was my fault totally.

Thank you very much for such quick and kind support!

We are glad that you found out the actual issue. If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact us.