InspireBook Featured Image / Cover Photo Broken if image is deleted

We’ve noticed a new issue with the released of 1.2 and 1.2.1 in InspireBook. If a user uploads and sets a featured image in their profile and then deletes the image before choosing to “remove” it as their cover photo first - it breaks the cover photo. A white background takes it place without any option to remove or upload a new one. In previous versions the white background would appear but you would still get the hover-over menu to either remove the image or upload a new one.

To re-create:

  1. Set a cover photo / featured image for the the profile.
  2. Go in to media and delete the cover photo.


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Hi, I reported this issue too and today the reports has been removed from the forum…?

To bring back the hover-menu, I tried deleting the theme, removing all associated files & plugs, dependencies and database entries - Then re-installed everything. This did not bring back the hover-menu witch is weird. The only thing left was to re-install the WP core and this brought back the hover menu. I replicated the bug on two different servers and then came here and replicated it on their demo site - I think that will get their attention since now the demo site is broken [ the main selling feature of this theme ]. - SORRY GUYS but that was the only way I could see if it was trully a bug.


This issue has been fixed, you will get updates of InspireBook within few hours.

@Jason & @jwlou

InspireBook is released with version 1.2.2. Kindly update from your WordPress dashboard.
Let us know if problem still persist at your end.

Also you can download the zip file from your account

Thank you. This does seem to be corrected in 1.2.2.

What file(s) need to be updated in the Child Theme to carry this change over?

No need to update any child theme file.
If you are facing any issue with child theme, let us know.

cheers :slight_smile: