Inspirebook demo is slow and do not mention what plugins are being used

Inspirebook demo : Are WP 4.1 and BP 2.1.1 being used ? What are the plugins being used in the demo site ? Eg. what plugin for “Followers/Following” - are these plugins compatible with latest WP and BP?

When I visit the demo site, it is an empty Home page, and the entire demo site appears to load slow.

[BTW : OT : what is this forum software ?]


Our demo site using latest version of WP and BP. Its completely compatible. Regarding plugins list: we will update our “About Demo” page with all the information soon.

We are showing 3-4 theme on our demo site to check our rtMedia plugin and add-on, hence we set different page for home. You can check the home page for inspirebook on this

demo site is not so fast because we do not have much caching enabled. Also there are too many demo sites are on that server which do video encoding also. Though, we will cross check if we can improve it more.

If you are asking forum related to this, then its software. If you are asking about our demo forum, its bbPress plugin. :slight_smile: