InspireBook "buddypress sidebar" should be within the buddypress content area

Wp-sidebar should stay the way it is…but Buddypress sidebar should be:

  • within the content of Buddypress (like default theme), this way would be much easier to add bp related widgets to that sidebar, and sitewide related widgets to the wp-sidebar…

  • Option to choose on which side of the content to be

  • loaded on top of the content, while in mobile mode…


Hello Mihail,

Different sidebar for WordPress and BuddyPress pages functionality is already present in InspireBook. In Theme option panel (Navigate to Appearance > rtPanel > General), there is setting for "BuddyPress Sidebar" in Sidebar Settings. You will need to select "Enable BuddyPress Sidebar" in provided option and click on Save All Changes.

Now navigate to Widgets option page, there you will see the extra "BuddyPress Sidebar Widgets" area. Simply drag your BuddyPress widgets into that area. This widget will display only on BuddyPress pages. You can also refer our screenshots for above changes.

Also about #2 and #3 point, this is part of customization, and we will look into it later.

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Thanks for your reply,

I know about those options which allows us to manipulate "when" to show the which sidebar.... However, I was referring to the the position of Buddypress sidebar, to be within the content next to the "members, groups, activity" listing.

In my case I would use without WP-sidebar option, so the BP could be whole width and BP- sidebar within.

images attached.


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We will take this point in our consideration.

As per users feedback, now we are switching InspireBook child theme to the parent theme, so that customization will be more easy by creating its child theme.


If you look at FB, u'll notice that they have sidebar next to content, and it really looks like those are widgets inside :)

Any time estimation when the theme will be ready?


We are not sure about time estimation as there is no ETA, and our first priority to convert child theme to the parent theme. This conversion of child theme to parent theme will be completed by the end of this month.

After the conversion, user can customize its child theme as per their requirement.

As I already started customizing the child theme, will it work with the Inspire theme once it will be ready? I just plan to point to to Inspirebook theme as parent then..

Yes, it will work fine with your child theme, but you will need to do some changes in your theme. For now, kindly note down the coding changes you are doing in current child theme.

I’m glad you mentioned ‘child theme’ - is there one for the premium theme I paid $100 for?