Inspire Book

If I buy the Inspire Book option, can I use it within a theme I am currently using?

Helleo andrewcates,
Can you please elaborate on exactly which option you’re trying to use and how do you intend to use it ?

Hmmm, yeah, the inspire book option that is available as an option with rtmedia. I don’t know how else to be more elaborate upon that option that is available on the website.
Like I said before, can I use this option within a current theme that I am using or is it a theme that has to be used on its own? I would like to have a Facebook element to my website that the Inspire Book option allows.

I got your point. InspireBook itself is WordPress theme. You can’t use the options of this theme in another theme. :slight_smile:

However you can purchase this theme and customize it as per you requirement.