Insiprebook Menu Customization

This is pre-sale inquiry.I have only two questions that will determine i if i will purchase this cool theme or not. Q1: Is it possible to disable the sidebar collapsible menu? Q2: Is it possible to have budypress links (activity,members, groups) on the top menu either as icons with tooltips or as text links? I basically don’t want the menu on side. I want everything on top.


Answer to your both the questions:

You can’t hide menu from left sidebar, its a default feature on Inspirebook theme. Also you can’t add menu links in top header section. You can write custom code by creating child theme to achieve your requirement.

We may provide option in future version of Inspirebook to enable/disable sidebar menu and top section, but we don’t have any ETA for this release yet.



Thanks for the reply. When you say i can write custom code by creating child theme to achieve my requirement, do you refer to both requirements or the latter?

I use child themes all the time but i’m proficient with php and css, i can only edit a few lines of code. You see a lot of people are used to the nav-bar sitting on the header. I will be a bit confusing to new members on a community site.

I really like this theme and i just wish it was possible to have a menu on the header alongside the icons and logo. My budget doesn’t allow me to hire a dev to all that for me.

Seeing as i have to take the theme as is, is it possible to default the left sidebar to collapsed?

Hello Bhekzinto,

Thanks for showing interest in InspireBook. As you said you are proficient with php and css, You can easily customize InspireBook.

You can remove default left sidebar and also update Header Top Menu as per your need. Here you can find required codes. How hide rp panel menu in specific page...? (inspirebook theme)


A good first step to get the menu default displayed on the whole site would be to set this css code in your child theme style.css sheet. .show-for-small-only, .hide-for-small-up, .show-for-small, .show-for-small-down, .show-for-medium-only, .hide-for-medium-up, .show-for-medium, .show-for-medium-down, .hide-for-large-only, .hide-for-large-up, .hide-for-large, .hide-for-large-down, .show-for-xlarge-only, .show-for-xlarge-up, .show-for-xxlarge-only, .show-for-xxlarge-up { display: inherit !important; }, If you go to inspirebooks original style sheet that action was called to display: { none !important } for larger screens and only set for small responsive screens like the ios or android. Try that and id will be a first step @sagarjadhav @bhekzinto

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and second off gentlemen you can do this very easily in CSS if you wish without coding php in the functions.php file by simply placing this code in the CSS style sheet in inspirebook-child of course

#main-wrapper.rtp-main-wrapper { margin-left: 0; }
#main-wrapper.rtp-header { margin-right: 0; }
.rtp-slide-panel {display: none !important;}

just entered the css code to remove the slide menu…want to add the logo to the left side corner and modify the search tab to look similar to facebook

Hello Jahmaine,

You can add following code in CSS.

.rtp-site-logo { display: block !important; }

Hope this helps you.


worked perfectly …thank you

the logo display works perfectly…i would like your assistance on three issues

  1. how to add spacing between the logo and the search tab
  2. increasing the spacing on the left side after removing the sliding nav
  3. reducing the size of the top horizontal menu tab

Hello Jahmaine,

You can add following code in CSS.

.rtp-site-logo { margin-right: 30px; }

Can you share your site URL so I can check and revert you back?

I will also suggest you to use premium support forum, so you will get prompt support.

Let me know for further assistance.


thanks Sagar Jadhav. i have opened a ticket seeking further assistance. Again thanks for the quick response

Anyway to do this but keep the slide out menu on mobile?