Inner Pages

Please help - I see a list of “Inner Pages” but where do they come from , how are they created?


Can you please explain more about your requirement? Didn’t get you what exactly list of “Inner pages”


Hello, I replied to your email - it’s not a ‘requirement’ - there’s a page in the Docs for the Premium them that talks about “Inner pages” - when I installed the theme there were only about six pages (those made from buddypress) - no others… I was asking what is meant by “Inner Pages” - I’ve done some work with Wordpress, love your theme enough to put down about $200 on it so far… And I was ‘asking’ what is meant by “INNER PAGES”…
How are they created, where do they come from etc…

As seen in this page of the Docs

Thanks for explanation. I understand now. :slight_smile:

Those inner pages are nothing but the internal pages of plugins which InspireBook theme supports. As mentioned in that document, Woo-commerce, buddypress, bbpress plugins creates some internal pages when we setup these plugins, so that we have already done with the required styling for those pages in Inspirebook theme.

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