Information regarding --letsencrypt=off needs updated

Might want to mention in the tutorial page on that option that doing so will break SSL on the rest of your wordpress sites too.

Unless I’m just lucky =p i did absolutely NOTHING except run --letsencrypt=off on 1 of my sites. Right away another site had SSL error, some minutes or hours later my last site also had SSL error.

I don’t know what tutorial page you are talking about, but there is no way of breaking SSL on multiple sites if you just deactivate one of them.

I do it every day.

Pardon me. Command page

And thanks so much for informing me as to what did or did not happen. I certainly appreciate it.

But of course that what I said happened isn’t true because it never happened to you is a logical fallacy.

Take care.

Exactly the kind of behaviour I expect from someone asking for help.

I hope someone else can help you, since we don’t have anything else to talk to each other.

First of all I didn’t ask for help. I reported a bug. One that obviously doesn’t exist because you never experienced it. And secondly please don’t pretend that you were being helpful. All you did was politely call me an idiot.

Take care. :call_me_hand: