Inefficient RTMediaMigration code


The RTMediaMigration has some code that makes large sites (500+ sites, 500+ media items, etc) come to a crawl. The worst part is all of the media (and how much done) is recalculated on each page load in functions like get_total_count() and get_done_count(). I think that other than the database update code, there should be no migration code running outside of the RTMedia > Migration screen.

The problematic code is in RTMedia::update_db(), which instantiates RTMediaMigration class (and the __construct() function) just to get access to bmp_table public variable.

Thanks for pointing this out. We will be resolving this in the next release. From next time onwards, you could also send a pull request on GitHub, so that you could be added to the contributors list.

Hi @inderpreet99, We are closing this issue as your issue has been resolved. please visit our support forum for any rtMedia related issues.