Increased loading time

I recently moved my site from old vps to new both using easyengine. But on new vps i used uodated version of ee and also used bash scripts made by virtubox for nginx and server stability. But now the overall of the loading time has increased mainly thr TTFB approx 500ms… what to do. Site url is


what service have you used to test your website loading speed ? Because on my desktop computer, homepage load in 365ms.

I am.using gtmetrix. What did u use to check

Even though, website is loading pretty fast.

Data can variate through regions.

The developer tools of my web browser (opera), just use the button F12 if you are using chrome

Haha, indeed.

hey @virtubox while using so we need to install both php version or only 7.2 would be fine

You have the choice, you can install both php versions or only php7.2-fpm.