Increase width

Can you tell me how to increase the width of the content area without messing up the sidebar...???

Hi Viktor, You can do this by going to [Dashboard->rtPanel->General] and putting the following lines in the Custom Styles -> ‘Add your CSS here’ textarea.

#content { width: 635px; }  
#sidebar { width: 295px; }  
#content-wrapper { background-position: 650px 0; }  

The thing to note here is that by default the above styles in rtPanel are :

#content { width: 615px; }  
#sidebar { width: 315px; }  
#content-wrapper { background-position: 630px 0; }  

So if you want to increase the width of the content area by 20px for example then you would have to :

  1. increase the default width of #content by 20px
  2. increase the default
  3. background position-x of #content-wrapper by 20px decrease the width of #sidebar by 20px

Thanx it worked…

Hi, I’ve been wanting to do this too. I tried inserting that code and playing around with the numbers but it didn’t do anything. I’m running rtPanel version 2.2.3 and I realise this is an old post. How can this be done with the current version?


Oh no wait sorry that worked, I fogot the ‘#’.

Sorry about that.