Increase Upload limit WP

Hi I’m new, so what happened was i build a website with digital ocean with wordpress but somehow broke it and unable to access it now because of ssl, so i decided to create a new droplet and use easyengine, luckily before my sebsite broke down i was able to make a backup with all in one maigrator my problem is the back up is 222mb and the limit is 100mb, I have looked in many forums and had ajusted allot of thing but its still the same, so my question is how can i increase the upload limit without purchasing the integrator or is there a better way to transfer it right now i can only connect to my old website directory with filezilla. thanks in advance.

ohh, I know this one. I have this problem before too.

Follow this instruction.

Sometimes I have also problems with upload limit and think that my hosting have some restrictions,even after changing the php the problem persist and I am uploading manualy from the cpanel.Apreshiate any help and advices you can reach me here Diseño Web

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