Increase character max for 'Description' field


Hi, one of our users has asked if the character max for the 'description' field could be increased.

Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?



There is a bug with the filter that is supposed to handle this. We have opened an issue regarding this on GitHub.
For now you can do it by placing the following code in your themes functions.php

global $bp_media_default_excerpts;  
$def_excerpt = array(  
            'single_entry_title' => 100,  
            'single_entry_description' => 700,  
            'activity_entry_title' => 50,  
            'activity_entry_description' => 500  

$bp_media_default_excerpts = apply_filters(  
            'bpmedia_excerpt_lengths', $def_excerpt  

You would look to change the single_entry_description key here.