Inconsistent syntax

Hi Guys

For the next release could you update app/main/controllers/template/RTMediaNav.php please?

The following lines are affected:

Change Required:
Add a space before the html span tag

There should be a space between the navigation tab label and the item count so that the RTMedia navigation tabs match all other BuddyPress tabs.

Also, in the same file, I made the following change at about line 133 you have this code:

$all = '';  
if ( ! isset ( $rtmedia_query->action_query->media_type )) {  
    $all = 'class="current selected"';  

I changed it to this:

$all = '';  
$albums = '';  

$uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];  
$pos = strpos($uri, '/media/');  
$id = (int) substr($uri, $pos+7);  
if (!isset($rtmedia_query->action_query->media_type)) {  
    $all = 'class="current selected"';  

if ($id > 0) {  
    $all = '';  
    $albums = 'class="current selected"';  

And commented out line 145:

$global_album = '';  
// $albums = '';  

When viewing all media, the ALL tab is highlighted. When viewing Albums, the Albums tab is highlighted. However, when viewing a single album, the ALL tab is highlighted??? The code above makes the Album tab stay highlighted when viewing a single album.

Thanks for your participation. You can fork rtMedia from github repo -> and can send the pull requests.