Incompatible with HHVM

In testing all works fine however in my production environment I have to remove HHVM for any purging to occur at all. This seems to actually be an issue with how HHVM handles wp_remote_get as it is definitely affecting other plugins use remote HTTP calls as well. Has anyone seen this before?

I too am having some problems with purging and I’m using HHVM as well. What errors are you seeing specifically? or is it just not purging at all? I’m able to manually purge, but I can’t conditionally purge.

I can manually purge as well in the browser but no purging at all is occurring via the plugin. Disabling HHVM solves the problem immediately.

If your system configuration allows it, you might want to try using the “Delete local server cache files” purge method option in the plugin to bypass the use of wp_remote_get (and also bypass the need for the nginx purge module).

This uses the same algorithm to compute the path for the cached file as the purge module and then instead of doing the GET and having the module delete the file, it just deletes the file directly from the cache.

It will work if you have your cache stored in the standard place that easy engine puts it, or if you set the RT_WP_NGINX_CACHE_PATH in your wp-config.php and you are using the standard fastcgi_cache_key