Incompatible with BuddyMobile theme :(

Hey I wasn’t sure if you guys had tried your plugin with BuddyMobile by modemlooper? He has a great mobile site theme for iphone/android buddypress sites, but it seems that your plugin doesn’t work on the mobile theme and he said he’s tried to figure it out but differs it to you guys to test it and see if there’s a fix. With users mostly using mobile devices for social networks it seems it would be a huge win-win to have this work for most sites who would directly benefit from using your plugin with buddypress and a mobile option. If your interested it testing it and need the ZIP I can send it to you. Any thoughts?

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@jlathers - Your issue is much the same as the one under review…I agree with you totally…See


We have added the support from mobile in our rtMedia plugin in latest versions, but we are not sure to give and/or fix issues with buddymobile plugin.
I think, that plugin is adding its own theme for mobile version, hence the plupload is causing problem with it. If you try our plugin to upload media on your phone with default theme, its working fine.