Inatalar o Mautic, V4


Hi, I’m trying to install a malware on the easyengine 4, so I tried to install it and I had problems, so I gave up, but if you have a solution, thank you, thank you


Why would you like to install malware? Malware is harmful. Do you mean some malware scanning software? It would be helpful if you give more details about what you tried to do and what kind of problems you experienced, along with error messages if there are any.


I think he used Google Translate plus smartphone autocorrect to create this topic.

My guess is: he’s trying to install Mautic on EEv4, but was not able to provide what kind of issues he faced. He’s hoping for any help.


Good morning friends was using the cell phone and I did not realize that the broker wrote it wrong, sorry, the correct one is mautic.