Improvement for Media Tab upload

Hi friends,

I have an issue with the media tab uploading functionality, and a couple of suggestions for how to improve it:

When uploading files in the media tab, the files upload automatically to whichever album and privacy are currently selected, and leave a list of completed filenames beneath the upload area. Each of these lines contains a small “X” on the right that when clicked, clears that item off the list— but has no effect on the file itself.


  1. Users are confused because in the activity stream where that same file detail and “X” appears, clicking it will remove the item from the queue/prevent it from being uploaded.

  2. Users aren’t able to review the files chosen for upload until they are already in the system

  3. Users have to make sure they choose the correct album and privacy level before introducing files. If they are careless (as they sometimes are), they will be forced to stumble through trying to move files between albums— which may not even be possible depending on the album they have uploaded to.

Amending the media tab upload functionality, (or adding an option), which will allow uploads in this space to work as follows:

  1. Users introduce files to the media tab (by either file select or drag and drop)
  2. File list is queued up (but not uploaded)
  3. User can review and change the chosen album and privacy level
  4. User can click the red "X" to remove item(s) from the queue
  5. User can add additional item to the queue
  6. When user is satisfied, they can click the "Upload" button to initiate upload (status of each item will update)
  7. Resulting list will remove "X" in each item and replace it with a checkmark.


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@jaemaz - Thanks for the suggestions. We have noted the points you have suggested and will surely take this into consideration while making UI/UX changes in the future.

I will be leaving this thread open for more suggestions and confirmations based on this if any.