Imagick incompatible

With a clean install of wordpress + buddypress + rtmedia If imagick is enabled then uploads do not work in either activity stream or media

my imagic details imagick module version: imagick module enabled imagick module version 3.1.2 imagick classes Imagick, ImagickDraw, ImagickPixel, ImagickPixelIterator ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.7.4-7 2012-01-18 Q16 ImageMagick copyright Copyright © 1999-2012 ImageMagick Studio LLC ImageMagick release date 2012-01-18 ImageMagick number of supported formats: 196 ImageMagick supported formats 3FR, A, AAI, AI, ART, ARW, AVI, AVS, B, BMP, BMP2, BMP3, C, CAL, CALS, CANVAS, CAPTION, CIN, CIP, CLIP, CMYK, CMYKA, CR2, CRW, CUR, CUT, DCM, DCR, DCX, DDS, DFONT, DNG, DPX, EPDF, EPI, EPS, EPS2, EPS3, EPSF, EPSI, EPT, EPT2, EPT3, ERF, FAX, FITS, FRACTAL, FTS, G, G3, GIF, GIF87, GRADIENT, GRAY, GROUP4, HALD, HDR, HISTOGRAM, HRZ, HTM, HTML, ICB, ICO, ICON, INFO, INLINE, IPL, J2C, JNG, JP2, JPC, JPEG, JPG, JPX, K, K25, KDC, LABEL, M, M2V, M4V, MAC, MAP, MAT, MATTE, MIFF, MNG, MONO, MOV, MP4, MPC, MPEG, MPG, MRW, MSL, MSVG, MTV, MVG, NEF, NULL, O, ORF, OTB, OTF, PAL, PALM, PAM, PATTERN, PBM, PCD, PCDS, PCL, PCT, PCX, PDB, PDF, PDFA, PEF, PES, PFA, PFB, PFM, PGM, PGX, PICON, PICT, PIX, PJPEG, PLASMA, PNG, PNG24, PNG32, PNG8, PNM, PPM, PREVIEW, PS, PS2, PS3, PSB, PSD, PTIF, PWP, R, RADIAL-GRADIENT, RAF, RAS, RGB, RGBA, RGBO, RLA, RLE, SCR, SCT, SFW, SGI, SHTML, SR2, SRF, STEGANO, SUN, SVG, SVGZ, TEXT, TGA, THUMBNAIL, TIFF, TIFF64, TILE, TIM, TTC, TTF, TXT, UIL, UYVY, VDA, VICAR, VID, VIFF, VST, WBMP, WMV, WPG, X, X3F, XBM, XC, XCF, XPM, XPS, XV, XWD, Y, YCbCr, YCbCrA, YUV

Directive Local Value Master Value imagick.locale_fix 0 0 imagick.progress_monitor 0 0

Is there really no help around this community these days?

Resolved: Got it working now. The problem was with the host:

BlockquoteThe issue was produced because of the configuration of the ImageMagick extension. It was configured to open too many threads when being used Our system administrators configured the service to open less threads at the same time, which resolved the problem and the extension started working normally.

Hello @Navinachettri,

We are happy to hear that your issue has been solved.

I am closing this thread now.