Images No Longer Load When Clicking On Them

I updated to 4.0, and now when you are in a user’s profile and click on their media, it does not load in Lightbox. In fact, nothing loads at all. Additionally, I can no longer upload new media within a profile either. My site is

Please advise how to resolve.

Same here,

Opened a new topic on 3 hrs ago …

“rtMedia 4.0 update … all functions not working”

Hope it will be fixed … But no word yet …


M.Serdar (a.k.a Zitrone79)

Same here, i am getting the same issues, hope they will resolve this issue asap. Even i can’t upload and lightbox not working.

Apparently this issue is being ignored?

Hi Everyone,

Please update the rtMedia with latest version 4.0.1

Let us know if you face any issue.


Imgur the plugin try upload to index/upload see… the version is 4.0.1