Images Don't Show in Posts coming from Redirected Links

Images don't show in posts coming from redirected links but images DO show if you go to the same link from within the new wordpress site.

Example: - going to it from the new site - images show. - going to it via a link on this page - scroll down to "how the Blairs manage things here" which is a link using the old site - images do not show via this path once the post redirects to

So it's only when the link comes via the redirection that images do not show.

Can you advise how to fix images coming in via redirected links?

Many thanks

Hi chrysula,
This post showing only one image and it is also displaying from this URL , when it get redirect.

Is there something that you already fixed?

Nitun, I didn’t do anything. Must have populated the images over night. Thanks so much for checking into it. So far everything working really well. Might not be a 301, but it’s doing what I need to do, and for that I am very appreciative! Thank you.