Images Do Not Open From Activities Feeds


Images in site-wide, profile, or group activity feeds do not properly open in a light box when a user clicks on them.

However the same image will open in a light box when it is clicked from a user profile media folder.

I have thoroughly investigated the issue with the KLEO Theme support.They told me the issue is with rtMedia and that I should contact you for support.

Please advise.


Can you verify that there are no console errors on this specific page by using developer tools?

Hello @ggloveswp

How do I verify that? Let me know and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the reply!

Check this article:

Hi @ggloveswp

I followed the link you gave me.

Here’s a snapshot of the console while the website is failing to load the image in the lightbox.


From your screenshot, it seems that you experience a jquery conflict. Suggestion: disable all plugins and retry after clearing cache. If issue is still there, contact KLEO theme’s team.

If its not, enabling plugins one by one and retrying after every activation should help you identify, which one is conflicting. You will be able to remove it, or contact its author in order to provide a non-conflicting code there.